A False Friend Called Greed

A Poem

Alfred-Stehens@NightCafe.AI [Aurhor's Image]

A false friend called greed

An uninvited guest
Crawls into our hearts with ease
Whispering promises of more

Like victims

We succumb to its charms
Until it becomes an insatiable disease.

It seduces us with colourful, shiny things
And fills our heads with absurb fantasies

And in these empty dreams
It consumes our desires
Until they become obscene promises.

A false friend called greed

Deceives us with its lies

It gives us an illusion we need more and more

Then occupies the deep space in our lives
Until our hearts and souls it buys.

It veils us to what’s truly important
And makes us forget the ones we love

Its powers deprive us of true joy

And steals away our kindness
Leaving us heartless and empty.

A false friend called greed
Indeed a thief of happiness and joy

A grinning enemy named avarice
It takes away our peace from within

And replaces it with a soulless ploy.

But we can overcome its grip,
By choosing the path of love and compassion
Focusing on what truly matters
And not giving in to the pleasure of seduction.

For a false friend called greed

Misguides anyone through its route

And becomes a lonely and empty path
It offers you everything it has in store

The world and so much more

Yet ultimately
It leads to destruction and wrath.



Sumaya Ali [Veronica Thompson-Smith]

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