Protecting the innocent

Prompt: Vulnerability

"Childhood should be carefree, playing in the sun; not living a nightmare in the darkness of the soul." ~ Dave Pelzer

Over three months ago I started a hybrid early childhood education and training course here in Jamaica. I am hoping to start a business and thought that this would be a good idea especially with my nursing background, also to make transition easier when I decide to retire from nursing. The classes are mostly delivered online, but the group meet up once per week for discussion and sharing information on how to be positive role models for the little ones who will end up in our care.

During one of our face to face session. Kenneth, one of the members in our group told us that he had a video for months now. It was a case of a caregiver physically beating a child. He wasn’t sure of the status of the video, whether they were ever discovered, or the school involved identified.

Now after viewing this video, horrified I began thinking prison or homeschooling. Yes, me going to prison, because I wasn’t going to swallow this woman’s reason for doing my child that, in this manner. Period.

I became even angrier as we concluded that, this is something that is clearly happening in our schools to babies and toddlers. And had us wondering if the authorities, The Child Development Agency (CDA) or the Child Protection and Family Service Agency (CPFSA) are aware of and doing nothing. Or they aren’t aware of the extent of what happens in these care facilities? We were all in agreement that the school involved should clearly be locked down and persons held accountable.

I decided to do some research and came up with this link.

The link above isn’t connected to the video I was shown.

My next thought was that, if the parents actually examine their children when they are at home. Or even listen to the stories or accusations the children tell them, when they get home. Because surely there had to be some tell-tale sign that this child was being abused. Like being overly emotional, bed wetting, poor appetite and bruising to the body. Parents and caregivers at home please be observant and vigilant in detecting abuse of your little ones.

Lacy-Ann another one of the members who stated that she was of a Christian persuasion quoted St.Matthew 18:6. If anyone causes one of these little ones to stumble, or something to that effect.

She contended that if the woman in the video knew God she wouldn’t have resorted to such brutality in correcting the child.

I offered up in a vexed mood, "I bet she knows God more than all of us. I can bet that she is a repeat offender.”
"Don’t you know that they are the enforcer of the spare the rod, spoil the child phenomena?"
The same ones who will repeat it like a broken record that Proverbs 22:15, Foolishness is bound in a child’s heart. And the rod of correction will put them right. And this archaic measure is the salvation of the nation. But, in reality it is the nightmare we encounter in the prisons, psychiatric wards and on our streets and we blame them at every turn as waywardness.

I am not going to speculate what the child did or didn’t do right or wrong, because I might never know, but it is apparent that this caregiver did not know that young children are messy in general.
But isn’t it punishment enough to have her cleaning up the mess, but to do so while inflicting brutality is so sick.
Shouldn’t cleaning up be a fun activity and a way to teach the poor child responsibility? Train up a child in the way it should go.

I see why it is so hard for children to not be themselves because they are forced to become sociopaths and psychopaths as a defence mechanism or the norm as they see and experience it.

I began to share with the group my experience with my eldest child’s day care facility.

When my first born was only four years old. He was sick, so I took him to the doctor. He was prescribed some medications. There was an antibiotic medication he must be given at a certain time in the day. I took the medication with him to school and explain to his class teacher about the importance of him getting the medication on time. When I went to pick him up, he wasn’t given the medication, she said that she never remember. I brought it with him the following day and when I came to pick him up she repeated the same story. I let him stay home for the remainder of the week, without any explanation for his absence. Naturally she noticed his absence and called. I told her that he was recuperating and I’m ensuring that he is medicated on time. Something she repeatedly failed to do. Coming to think of it, I should have rubbed it in her face then.

The school was out for the Easter holidays and I took the opportunity to enroll him in another school. When he didn’t show up for school, she called me to inquire about his noticeable absence. I apologize to her for my failure to inform her of his departure from her school, to another.
She wanted to know why. I told her that it was for personal reasons. As far as I am concerned that teacher’s failure to administer the medication to my child despite the fact that she was made aware of its importance, not once but twice, is an act of neglect. What if it was a matter of great importance, could I trust that she would act accordingly? I doubted her competence as a caregiver, as she had given me reason to doubt her twice.

The other group members also share their experiences with their child care facilities too.

I am not saying that they are all bad, but we as parents must recognise the signs of physical, sexual, neglect and emotional abuse. Because this is the only way we will stop rearing broken children and the monsters that shape their future.

I personally plan to start collecting information and data analysis of child day care facility abuse and get the public to not only be aware but pro active in fighting this growing trend.

"It’s important to talk about it. You raise awareness. But you can also prevent it (child abuse) by not letting it be a secret." ~ Chris Witty

Readers, could you please share any information or links on how your child care system handle cases like these. I would greatly appreciate it.

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