Women are on a higher spiritual plane than men

Happy Women’s Day to all the women in the world and the church

Tom Jones had it all figured out from the very first line.

Right from the first day one man stood alone

And somehow he missed what didn’t exist how could he have known

He looked all around him and lifted his head

For he heard a voice and rose to rejoice as somebody said

This place needs a woman’s touch

To share in the plan

For without a woman’s touch

Life don’t mean much to a man

I recently had a conversation with a young man about the significance of the role of women in the church and world. I told him that women are on a higher spiritual plane than men. Instead of asking why I came to such a conclusion, he went on a tirade to belittle the very existence of women. I dare to say even that of his mother.

He pointed out to me that back in the garden of Eden they created chaos, Woman was the root of all evil, he spat out in defiance. And this is an innate trait in them. And in every facet of life where women are involved, chaos happens. He also pointed out that they are underachievers, with no supporting evidence. They are responsible for all the modern day social ills like abortions, and LGBTQ. I was mindful during our conversation that it’s essential to respect diverse perspectives on spirituality and recognize that personal spiritual experiences and beliefs as well as lifestyle preferences and norms are highly subjective and can vary widely among individuals. But his behavior and obtuse opinions, had led me to believe that he has a deep-seated bias against women. So today my story celebrate all women. You are truly and sincerely appreciated, celebrated, cherished, treasured, blessed and loved by God.

A Poetic Tribute to Women’s Day

On this special day, with many accolades conveyed

Celebrating the strength of women, their empowered souls, like blossoms sway

In every stride, with perseverance and every step, breaking the mold

I can hear breathless whispers fading and solemn cries of woe joining forces

I can hear them marching as the thunder’s mighty roars

Rippling across all the different shores of life

As spirits of triumph, stories as saga, beautifully told.

Embracing wisdom, mundane and divine

nurturing creation,

Women, the architects of love’s pure light.

Today, I extend this call to celebrate all women, mothers,

sisters, friends, cousins, nieces, aunts, wives,

grandmothers, and godmothers

The dreamers, the doers, the givers, the pioneers where strength liberate

With each heartbeat, may your journey be adorned with joys eternal

Happy Women’s Day, today and every day.

Alfred-Stephens @NightCafe.ai [Authors Image]

These examples demonstrate that the Bible includes stories of women encountering divine beings, receiving guidance, and playing significant roles in the unfolding of God’s plan. Even though this is a contentious topic, I am still resolute that women are on a higher spiritual plane than men.

Angel Gabriel appearing to Mary

In the New Testament, the angel Gabriel appears to Mary to announce the birth of Jesus. This is a significant interaction between an angel and a woman (Luke 1:26–38).

Angels at the tomb

After the resurrection of Jesus, angels appear to women at the empty tomb, instructing them to go and tell the disciples about Jesus’ resurrection (Matthew 28:1–10; Mark 16:1–8; Luke 24:1–12; John 20:1–18).

Hagar and the Angel of the Lord

In the Old Testament, Hagar, the servant of Sarah, has an encounter with the Angel of the Lord in the wilderness (Genesis 16:7–14).

The prophetess Anna

In the Gospel of Luke, Anna, a prophetess, is mentioned as one who recognizes and praises Jesus at the temple (Luke 2:36–38).

Sarah and the Three Visitors (Angels)

In Genesis 18, three visitors, who are often interpreted as angels, appear to Abraham and Sarah. They announce the birth of Isaac, and Sarah overhears the conversation. God went on to tell Abraham to listen to Sarah.

Esther’s Courage

Esther is a book in the Bible that describes how Esther, a brave Jewish queen who puts her trust in the Lord, even during the turbulence ridden with fear, eventually saved all the Jews.

Deborah the Prophetess and Judge

Deborah, mentioned in the Book of Judges, is a prophetess and judge in Israel. She played a crucial role in guiding the Israelites in matters of faith and leadership.

The Woman at the Well

In the Gospel of John (John 4:1–42), Jesus engages in a profound conversation with a Samaritan woman at a well, revealing his identity as the Messiah. She became the first female evangelist.

Mary and Martha

In the Gospel of Luke (Luke 10:38–42), Jesus visits the home of two sisters, Mary and Martha. While Martha is busy with household chores, Mary sits at Jesus’ feet, and Jesus commends her for choosing the “better” thing.

Miriam, Moses’ Sister

In the book of Exodus, Miriam, the sister of Moses and Aaron, is described as a prophetess (Exodus 15:20). She played a role in the Exodus narrative and is praised for her leadership and contributions.

The Widow of Zarephath

In 1 Kings 17, the prophet Elijah is sent to a widow in Zarephath during a time of famine. Through this encounter, God provides sustenance for the widow and her son.

Alfred-Stephens @NightCafe.ai [Authors Image]

Women held creation in their hands.

Woman fulfilled salvation’s plans.

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

God told the man, listen to the woman.

The angel told the man “she is bearing your Redeemer.”

Jesus told the disciples to do Mary Magdalene act as a remembrance to him.

Women are part of creation.

God presented the woman to Adam, and said “here is your helpmate”

Woman is a gift from God.

Happy Women’s Day to all the blessed, highly favored and the loved of God’s creation.



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