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The day that began as one of the most promising for Shauna Case, a curvaceous, bow-legged teenager, turned out to be a nightmare for her.

Today while heading to the library, Peter Poole a local bully who didn’t have a future pulled her into a nearby abandoned building at gunpoint.

Screaming she tried to resist his attack, but he was twice as big as her and easily maneuvered her. Frightened and threatened with danger she obeyed.

She was spreadeagled before him naked and saw the lustful look in his hungry eyes.

“Take that you little slut,” Peter rammed her pound of flesh with vengeance. He did this many times, over and over to punish her. This was for the scornful way she treated him in front of his friends when he made sexual advances toward her. She knew what she wanted in life and it didn't include him.

Peter had other plans.

Shauna’s delicate face was contorted into a painful grimace by the assault triggered by Peter’s ceaseless humping. She felt hot tears fall. Nothing was ever going to be the same again. To keep his victims under control, he held her throat with a vice-like grip, that made her gag and cough. She sputtered as she tried to catch her breath to remain conscious. The ordeal quickly becomes uncomfortable, and then unbearable. The last twenty minutes were sheer torture.

Shauna wasn’t his first.

But she would be his last.

Happy to be alive she ran home in disgrace to Hyacinth Edwards her diminutive caregiver, who swore to jungle justice.

“It’s not the ones who you have destroyed their lives you’ll see. But it will be Shauna whose dreams you have stolen. She’s the one that will haunt you.” Hyacinth prophetically warned him.

He opened his mouth to speak but closed them before anything came out.

Now he walks the streets of Kingston with his penis in his hand.

This was better than any confession Peter could make as he walks the street nude.



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